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Christian Student Movement of Liberia Activities: Objectives and Mission

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September 2023

The Christian Student Movement of Liberia (CSML) is a non-political, non-for-profit, interdenominational & charitable Organization purposely founded to win soul for Jesus Christ and help students study and understand the Bible at all times.
A. To win soul for Jesus Christ.
B. To keep the Christian Generation alive.
C. To help youth and young adult read the Bible.
D. To help the needy and destitute, to share gifts and help pay students
school fees.
E. To teach students the Bible.
A. Taking on campus-based crusade.
B. Organizing Bible clubs in schools.
C. Organizing inter-school Biblical quizzing.
D. Organizing seminars, conferences, retreats, and concerts nationwide.
E. Taking on sports and creational activities
F. Narrating and dramatizing Bible stories.
G, Producing Biblical films.

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